How to activate Voice In Plus on a new computer/profile?

Voice In Plus is licensed per user, and you can use it on multiple machines and profiles. However, you need to manually activate Voice In Plus once per unique browser (a unique browser is a new browser instance on a different machine or profile).

To activate Voice In Plus on a new machine/profile, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Ensure you have Voice In Chrome extension installed on the new machine/profile. Voice In works on both the Chrome and Edge browsers on PC/Mac/Linux/ChromeOS.

Step 2: Open the Voice In Plus activation page in the new machine/profile. If this is the first time you are visiting this page in the new machine/profile, you will redirected to login. Login to your account that you used to upgrade to Voice In Plus (most likely your Google account. Click on Continue with Google and log in using your Google Account)

Step 3: After the login is done, you should automatically be redirected to the Voice In Plus activation page (

Your should see a page like below:

Thats it! You now have Voice In Plus activated on Microsoft Edge.

The activation page will activate Voice In Plus on your browser. You can verify this by visiting the Voice In Options page. You should see a message saying, "You have Voice In Plus activated."

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