Dictating numbers

Voice In intelligently discerns whether to transcribe numbers as digits or text based on the context of your dictation. For instance, saying "one" might result in either "1" or "one" being typed out, depending on the surrounding text.

Forcing Digits in Dictation

The adaptive feature may not always align with your needs, especially if your dictation involves significant numerical dictation. Voice In offers a solution through its "Force numbers to be spoken as digits" option (only available in English). This ensures that numbers are always transcribed as digits.

How to Enable

1. Open the Voice In Options page.

2. Navigate to the Dictation Text Transforms section.

3. Check the Force numbers to be spoken as digits option to activate.

Dictating Complex Numbers

When it comes to dictating longer numerical sequences such as "forty thousand two hundred," Voice In typically defaults to spelling out the numbers. To circumvent this and ensure numerical dictation:

- Break down the number into its individual digits.

- For example, instead of saying "forty thousand two hundred," dictate "four zero two zero zero."

By following these guidelines, Voice In will accurately capture and transcribe lengthy numbers in your preferred format.

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