Voice In Voice Typing Chrome Extension is built with privacy in mind.

  • Voice In does not transmit dictated audio or transcribed text to any other external server (including Dictanote's servers). Voice In uses the browser's native speech-to-text capabilities. All the audio is transcribed by the browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge). The transcribed text is then inserted into the text box. Voice In does not save any of the dictated audio or transcribed text either locally or on any remote server.

  • Voice In collects information about Voice In usage and any errors. We collect usage information on the form (website domain, duration of usage). This is used for reporting. Again, we do not record or send dictated audio or transcribed text.

For users who upgrade to Voice In Plus:

  • For Voice In Plus users, we store your username, email address, password and transaction history securely on Dictanote's servers.

  • Sensitive payment information, such as your credit card number and billing address, are not stored on Dictanote's servers. They are processed entirely via Stripe or Paypal, Dictanote's billing providers.

See the complete privacy policy at

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