What permissions does Voice In extension require?

Voice In extension is built with privacy in mind. Its only purpose is to let users type using their voice across their favorite websites within the browser.

Below are all the permissions that the extension uses:

1) Host permission

The extension injects a single content script page.js that enters the user-dictated text into the input text field or content editable div in the page. The content script also adds option buttons to help with dictation that are only displayed on browser action or click-in context menu. There are three buttons: The settings button - which lets the user change the dictation language and change language shortcuts; the dictation box, which is a text area; and a help message displayed on some sites where the extension doesn't work. It uses GA to track the success or failure of dictation on any particular website.

2) Debugger permission

Users can configure custom voice commands to do key presses. For example, <press:enter> command => press enter key. The debugger is used only to simulate keypress and only when the user configures one.

3) Clipboard read/write permission

Voice In lets users dictate text using their voice. We use the clipboard in two places: 1) We have a mode called paste mode where dictated text is copied to the clipboard and then paste is used to add it to the cursor location 2) We provide a box called a dictation box. The dictation box is a textarea used to type on sites where Voice In doesn't work by default. You can dictate all the content into the dictation box and copy the text out to the target box in the end without having to leave the site. We have voice commands that let users copy the contents of the dictation box to the clipboard and then paste them.

Note: the extension does not send any user information to any external server

4) Context menu permission

On content editable divs and text areas, Voice In adds a shortcut to start/stop audio recording in the right-click menu (referred to as the context menu). It is simply a shortcut to trigger the extension.

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