How to enable and disable Dictation Box?

This article discusses how to enable and disable the Dictation Box. Use the Dictation Box to type on sites where Voice In doesn't work by default. Dictate into the dictation box and copy the text to the target box at the end without leaving the site.

Enabling Dictation Box

1) Click the Voice In button (microphone icon) to start dictation.

That should show a Voice In page pop-up on the page.

Note: If you do not see the page pop-up, go to Voice In Options Page and uncheck the "Hide Voice In page pop-up" checkbox.

2) Click on the pop-up button, and a page settings window will open on the page like below.

3) select the enable dictation box checkbox in the page settings window. Once you do that, the Dictation Box should appear.

Disabling Dictation Box

Follow the instructions above, except unselect the enable dictation box checkbox.

Using the Dictation Box

You can use the dictation box by simply placing the cursor within the box and dictating. The dictation box is an ordinary textbox; all voice commands work within it.

Once you are done, you can click Copy to copy it to the clipboard and then paste it into the appropriate textbox.

There are two voice commands to make this easier:

copy box - Copies the contents of the Dictation Box to the clipboard paste that - Pastes the content in the clipboard at the cursor location

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