What is Advanced Mode?

Voice In takes the user's audio input, converts it into text, and then inserts it into the web page. By default, Voice In uses the Default Mode to insert text into the web page. Default mode works on sites with a simple textbox, like Gmail.

However, the default mode does not work on some sites like Facebook. On Facebook, your status message text can contain person mentions, hashtags, etc. For this reason, Facebook uses complex logic to handle text input and display. This makes it non-trivial for Voice In to insert transcribed text.

To work around this issue, we developed Advanced Mode.

Advanced Mode is only available with Voice In Plus.

Advanced mode uses a more robust text insertion strategy that lets you use Voice In on a significantly larger number of sites. Advanced mode is used by default when you have Voice In Plus.

Advanced mode enables dictation on many popular sites like Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Google Keep, Hubspot, Google Meet, Notion, etc. Check out the list of sites on which advanced mode enables dictation.

To see the difference Advanced Mode makes, check out the video below that shows dictation on Facebook using Voice In without and with Advanced Mode:

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