How to enable or disable Advanced Mode?

In this article, we show how to enable or disable Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode is used to dictate on certain websites, such as Facebook, Google Classroom, Reddit, etc., where Voice In does not work by default.

Note that Advanced Mode is enabled by default when you have Voice In Plus.

Enabling/Disabling Advanced Mode

Before you begin, ensure that you have not disabled the Voice In pop-up.

Click on the Voice In icon on the address bar to start dictation.

That should show a Voice In settings button on the page. Click on the button, and a settings window will open on the page.

Select the Enable Advanced Mode checkbox to enable Advanced Mode. Advanced mode is now enabled for that domain.

To disable it, uncheck the checkbox. That should disable Advanced Mode for that domain.

NOTE: enable/disable advanced mode is a per-domain setting. If you disable advanced mode while in Gmail, it only disables for Gmail and not for other websites.

Using Advanced Mode

You do not have to do anything special to use advanced mode. Once enabled, just use Voice In like you normally would.

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