How to correct capitalization mistakes?

A common issue with the dictated output is that it doesn't understand if the word in a given context is a proper noun or not. This can lead to capitalization mistakes in the dictated text. You can handle this in two ways:

  1. Using Sentence Case Voice In dictation case can be changed to sentence case. Setting case to "Sentence case" disables uppercase everywhere except at the start of the sentence. The downside of sentence case is that even proper nouns will be typed in small letters. To learn how to change case, see Change Case docs.

  2. Use Voice Commands with Default Case Capitalization mistakes can occur in the default case. Words that shouldn't be capitalized might be capitalized. You can correct this using voice commands. For example, if the word hangout gets dictated as Hangout instead of hangout. You can add the voice command Hangout => hangout Refer to the Custom Voice Commands guide for instructions on how to add a custom voice command.

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